MASTER SOAP is an OEM company specialized for Cosmetic Soap

Master Soap is a cosmetic soap manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan with top class production capacity in Japan. We are now more focusing on overseas market.

We are sure to cooperate to our customers with our precised Production Technology and Quality Assurance audited by major cosmetic companies in Japan.

Wide range of order quantity from 3,000 to over 1,000,000pcs

Production System for Various Demands

Our 13 finishing lines, batch neutralizer and liquid filling line can comply with our customer's various demands from very specialized high-end cosmetic soap to mass-quantity products.

We make over 300 samples a year.

A Number of Developments and Production Experiences

We can propose formulas based on a number of developments and production experiences for formulas that complies with customer's demands. But not only relying on our experience, we are regularly challenging to develop new formulas to propose.

Flexible Product Planning

Product Planning, Package Design for Satisfaction

We everyday have inquiries for soaps with various requests for colors, flagrances, shapes and textures. We have our own planning team that can provide solutions with something more for your product planning.

One-Stop OEM solution through Planning, Formula Development to production

Flexible and Specialized Consultation for wide-range OEM planning

Our planning, R&D and production teams would surely support your entire process from planning, formula development to production for various soap products based on our long and specialized cosmetic soap experience.

Quality Assurance following Cosmetic GMP

We Deliver Quality Assured Products by Our Quality Management System.

Strict quality assurance is required for cosmetic soap that contacts human skins. We have our quality management system following cosmetic GMP and our quality assurance passes regular audits by our customers including major cosmetic companies in japan.


Company Name
Master Soap Co., Ltd.
Business Description
[Production of cosmetic products]
Cosmetic Soap
Transparent Soap
Hotel Amenities
Liquid Soap
2-30-2, Hojo-cho, Nishi-ku,
Sakai-city, Osaka, JAPAN
JPY 60million
Representative Director
Yasuyuki Okunaka, President
AVON Products Co., Ltd.
KAO Corporation
COW BRAND Soap Kyoshinsha Co.,Ltd.
KOSE Corporation
SHISEIDO Company, Limited
CO-OP (Japan Consumers' Cooperative Union)
NOEVIR Co., Ltd.
LION Corporation
ROHTO Phermaceutical

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